COVID-19: Austerity to combat technical unemployment [Football Planet]
With football still at a standstill, the Coronavirus continues to take the world hostage. In the face of the global health crisis, clubs are trying to adapt to this unprecedented situation. To avoid bankruptcy, measures ranging from pay cuts to the dismissal of players have been adopted by several clubs, such as TP Mazembe. He was the first coach to give France its first international trophy, Michel Hidalgo passed away on Thursday at the age of 87. He will have left his mark on an entire generation and on world football. Shortly, we will hear from one of his former players, Alain Giresse, of the famous Magic Square. And what can you teach Lionel Messi when you are his coach? Absolutely nothing, many of us may say. But are we really right? The answer with former Barcelona coach Luis Henrique. Our Wahany Johnson Sambou has the details on Football Planet.